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Street Drinker Outreach Service

The Basement has recently been commissioned to run an assertive engagement service to address the problem of street drinking in Liverpool. The service, funded by Supporting People, the Joint Action Group and the PCT, consists of a team of three street outreach workers, who cover the city centre and surrounding areas to work with street drinkers, particularly those not engaging with available services.

Through working in partnership with a wide range of agencies, we hope to tackle underlying issues contributing to alcohol dependency amongst individuals involved in street drinking, rather than simply moving the problem to another part of the city. Through engaging excluded individuals and offering pathways to a range of appropriate services, support and treatment options, we hope to help improve the health and social functioning of the people involved, reduce the negative impact of street drinking on the wider community, and help support clients to progress in their own journey and identify the range of options available to them.

If you are concerned about drinking schools or street drinking in your neighbourhood, please contact The Basement Advisory Centre

Residential Programme

The Basement's residential programme has developed over the past two years into a pioneering pre-treatment programme for people experiencing homelessness and addiction. The programme takes place over five days in rural Wales, where participants experience a range of workshops and one-to-one sessions covering issues surrounding exclusion and addiction, whilst undergoing a significant harm reduction process. To date, the residential has served as a transformative experience for a wide range of people. Many rough sleepers have found stable accommodation; a number of people have used the residential as a pre-treatment programme, going on to enter detox and rehab; and some of the participants have since settled into their own accommodation and moved on to take up volunteering and employment opportunities.

Founded on the person-centred approach, the residential represents an opportunity for our clients to explore a range of issues behind their addiction in a safe and supportive environment. In providing this service away from the chaos of city street life, we find that many people are able and eager to use the experience to discuss and analyse contributing factors to, as well as the effects of, their lifestyles.

The residential takes place in a luxurious cottage conversion in rural Llangollen, and all clients are encouraged to help in the running of the household for the week, from cooking all meals, washing and cleaning up to building a fire in the evenings. Everyone involved gets a taste of the home comforts which we all need in our lives, and many people find a sense of real self-belief which can disappear whilst in active addiction on the streets. In line with the humanistic approach of psychological change, the residential is a powerful demonstration of the impact of a safe and supportive environment on extremely vulnerable people. We are hoping to work with a range of partners to explore the potential of rolling this programme out on a much greater scale.

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